Welcome to my website! 

I´m Mind21, an Artist based in Germany, a member of the Graffiti-Crew "Stoned Nomads Crew".
I started with Graffiti in 1994 at the Hall of Fame in Wiesbaden called Schlachthof.
Some Graffiti Magazines like "Mural Art - Graffiti Art Germany" was my first love!
I got in touch with real Graffiti artists at the International Wallstreet Meeting in 1998 in Wiesbaden, like Cantwo,

Loomit, Daim, Toast, Seen, Phos4, Mode2 or Bates. 

I have a lot ideas of nature styles and thinks mixed with 3d in my letter styles. Thanks for reading...

News! My next Exhibition runs in the Zitadelle in Mainz 55116 

Diesen Sonntag den 20.4. ist von 12-14 Uhr ist offene Tür! 

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My youtube chanel : (link to youtube) 

- more videos are in the making...

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