Welcome to my website!

I´m Mind21, an artist based in Germany, a member of the Graffiti-Crew "Stoned Nomads Crew".
I started with Graffiti in 1994 at the Hall of Fame in Wiesbaden called Schlachthof.
Some Graffiti Magazines like "Mural Art - Graffiti Art Germany" was my first love!
I got in touch with real Graffiti artists at the International Wallstreet Meeting in 1998 in Wiesbaden, like Cantwo,

Loomit, Daim, Toast, Seen, Phos4, Mode2 or Bates.

I have a lot ideas of nature styles and thinks mixed with 3d in my letter styles.


My new T-shirts now online.

New Print -  Eltikz Streetwear

New Alphabet - Abc 5#

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